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About your bioPing™

Your bioPingprofile is the public-facing summary of who you are, what you represent, maybe what your professional history is, and your area of expertise.  In essence, your profile is a snapshot of the brand you are sharing with the entire world. Follow these recommendations to create the best bioPingprofile possible.



Set Your Custom URL (username)

When creating your profile you 'll see a text that reads "You are just on step away! Start by selecting your username." By clicking on that you can select the url to your bioPingprofile. It 's a good idea to edit this link to your name if it hasn 't already been taken. If it has been claimed already, claim some variation on your name instead but reflecting you!



Photo – Basically, if you don 't have a bioPing avatar (profile photo), you are invisible.  Don 't forget that much of Social Media is about people-centric networking, and without a photo, it will be harder to gain credibility with those whom you maybe want to engage. Some bioPinger choose to put a background that includes that picture... be creative.


NamebioPingis not strict when asking you to input your name but there are plenty of fake profiles out there, so there is no reason not to be upfront and honest about who you are.  Also, if you are representing a business and want to use your company name, remember that bioPingis a social network for professionals and people, not companies, use to brand your company in the best way.



Headline – Your headline is important real estate that appears next to your name in search results, and it 's wording may determine whether a new potential visitor contacts you after you appear in search results.  Your headline should be customized to align with your objective for being on bioPingin the first place.  Remember to brand your headline, not make it a collection of keywords, which will make your potential visitors think you are merely trying to dupe the bioPingsearch results.



Biography– Much like your headline, which acts as an initial filter, your summary is the basis upon which people will form opinions about you and your brand.  It is what helps them decide how they will view you.  Make sure to include keywords that will appear in searches as well as what your specialties or hobbies are, and if you want, how you can help potential clients. To effectively brand yourself, include details that support the info you included in your headline and summary.



Services– The more services you add more Internet weight you give to your bioPing.  Your Services hub is one of the most important points on your SEO improvements. Remember adding more services are equal to higher NetRank (see for more info).



Websites/URLs – Not only do you have the opportunity to list your company website here, you can also list up to 5 URL 's to appear on your profile.  Take advantage of this – and make sure to customize the anchor text for potential additional SEO juice.


Status– When creating your bioPingprofile for the first time don 't forget to update your satus, otherwise your visitors will see a message "Current status: No recent updates ". And remember that if you send updates from your bioPing account, your are increasing the importance of your bioPing url.

It 's safe to say that bioPinggives you a lot of real estate in which to work, so the more you use, the better you can brand yourself and your bioPing profile, making it easier to be found in search results.



And lastly, one final word of advice:  After you create a stellar profile that embodies your brand, make sure you revisit it on a regular basis to ensure it is up to date and continues to reflect your Internet presence objectives.  In other words ... always keep your bioPingbrand fresh!


Your bioPingprofile will be  improved taken into account some tricks.

Gmail Sign

Use a signature like thisexample to imrove your visits:

Anna Simpson Fernández
For more info view my complete profile:

Gmail Chat

Add your custom url to your description

Gmail offers you the possibility to include your bioPing:

Let people know what you're up to, or share links to photos, videos, and web pages.

Consider including a line like:

View my complete profile:


Search crawlers

Google and Bing both take into acount the number of links to your profile.

Try to create as much links as you can from your blog, Facebook Page, Twitter or whatever the service you use incorporate your url.


Send an email or publish on your Social Networks:

I set up my page and wanted to share it with you:

If you don't have an page, you can get one for free at

The personalized url«s  are going fast so you might want to get yours now!


Other recommendations

Consider the same tactic’s on other services profile, this will improve your SEO.