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Anna Simpson Fernandez

Friendly face!

Current status: I´m using bioPing™ to promote my profile and gain the best position in my own google results!


I'm Anna, you may know me from other advertising campaigns both online and offline. This time I'm creating my bioPing™ profile, bioPing™ is maybe the best place to control your online identity, manage your social networking messages and know if are visiting your profile and see which of your social networks and other services are more attractive to your visitors.

From bioPing™ you can not only create your personal profile and claim your url "http://bioPing.me/yourname" but have ready your mobile page for the people visiting your profile with a mobile phone and own your personal profile QR that track visitors to your site (Check mine in the upper side of this page).

And of course you can download the mobile apps for iPhone or Android phone to control your site at any time.

Thanks for visiting!

PS: create now your bioPing visiting http://bioPing.me

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