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Your custom personal profile, status manager, social services hub and analytics platform.

Current status: Personal branding platform. Create a unified web presence. Improve Google results. Build your social hub, it´s free. http://bioPing.me

Create your bioPing account and start increasing the status form your social assets, improve your search engine position and easily send your status updates to your preferred social services like Linkedin™, Facebook™ or Twitter™. Dont worry about the management, its easy to afford and we provide you with complete web tools to create your custom landing page and provide analytics for your control.


And of course you will love your mobile device personal site for the people visiting your profile with a mobile phone and own your personal profile QR that track visitors to your site (Check mine in the upper side of this page).

You can also download the bioPing™ app and control everything from your mobile device.

Why are we offering you this account?
Because we really need for our personal use a free service like bioPing™... so you maybe will agree that is a great way to do that! 


Sign up now http://bioPing.me


If you want this benefits for a company, go to http://bioPing.us and start increasing your visivility!

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