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Fernando Mateus Fernández

Computer Science Fanboy

Current status: See Kymatio´s blog for fresh news about human firewall activation. https://kymatio.com/en/blog/

I'm a tech entrepreneur with a lot of ideas and energy to work in ambitious life-transforming projects. Currently Founder and CEO at Kymatio.

Kymatio our proposal is to help organizations prevent situations of risk associated with internal human resources, providing the capacity to deactivate the triggers that can lead to security incidents. Mission: activate the human firewalls. https://kymatio.com


As an Alien Ventures founder I'm involved on different projects like for instance:


HAPThe Human Affinity Platform combines the most modern techniques of human personality analysis with predictive algorithms to address problems associated with interaction between humans and the relationship between humans and intelligent agents (AI). https://humanaffinityplatform.com/. HAP also work with TeamFortify. The analytic platform dedicated to make high performance teams by the affinity study between the team members, creating favorable conditions for cohesion, evolution and success.  http://teamfortify.com. Other project is hi!The human affinity app that amusingly enables users to better screen people they accept as “friends”. http://hi-theapp.com


SincroLabAt Sincrolab we do applied Science. We generate highly customized programs neurocognitive training. Our goal is to encourage and improve cognitive neuropsychological treatment to enhance learning disabilities and abilities. http://sincrolab.es


Discover more intersting staff at [alienventures.com/launchpad].


Previously I founded aquaMobile where I used to work as CTO and later as Security Solutions Business Development Manager. With our USA partner Digimarc at Portland (Oregon) and the aquaMobile development team based in Madrid, I was in charge of the product development using an array of state-of-art technologies: Digital Watermarking, Mobile Apps and online Platforms. Our flagship product is CLIC2C® (The invisible barcode), by using it with your mobile phone, you can access video, audio, image galleries, contests, promotions and more...only by scanning images on your magazine, book or printed ad... without using ugly barcodes.


As a member of the expert program of Business Creation Competition UPM actúaupm at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid I help entrepreneurs to prepare their ideas and business plans to compete in a huge market. I also colabotrated at ICEMD/ESIC as lecturer at the "Proximity and Mobile Marketing Senior Program ICM/ESIC Business & Marketing School".

To complete my profile, I have a background in IT projects management, Cybersecurity and Vulnerability Assessment (Banking as BBVA or Liberbank), Government IT White Books for Systems development (Ministry of Defence). Documental management platformsCollaborative enviroments. Internet and Mobile platforms / applications.
I hold a Master degree in Mobile Business and a Bachelor Degree In Computer Science.

Of course, I am using all this experience, constant education and passion, to face new challenges and develop new technologies for a global IT/Communications project.

Take Fernando Mateus Fernández with you.

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